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I was raised kinda spoiled my mom spoiled me she gave me everything and I am thankful to be her daugther but it wasn't really all that good I think my mom treated me like a child she thinks I will always be her babyit's suffocating and I was bullied growing up I feel like I grew up fragile so I try to be the tough person that I know I am inside toughen myself up as much as I can I try muay thai, moved out lived by myself, traveled by myself, doing things I can do myself and challenging myself every now and then I'm interested in doing self defense classes, learning how to defend myself in the process. Here are some that I find very interesting and military like training it makes me feel like empowered and tough. I hope these can help some of you out there.


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I'm Justine 19, I'm very ambitious I aim high in my endeavors, kind of fickle minded, I love to travel, I love cook, ride bikes, play with my JRT, watch movies and procedural cop shows. I'm a big fan of Supernatural. I strugle with my weight most of my life, but I try to better my self by eat right and moving more I try to motivate my self by looking in magazines and celebrity weight loss stories and plans help me get inspired to do something about my weight problem.

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